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Unlock the power of the UK’s leading real-time energy & carbon monitoring infrastructure.

Leverage the Mobius API for unparalleled benchmarking

Monitor carbon intensity and energy efficiency with real-time asset level data.

Make informed lending decisions

Utilise real-time, accurate data to guide your lending strategies.

Mitigate environmental risk

Stay ahead of potential environmental risks associated with your lending portfolio.

Support strategic decision-making

Empower your bank's decision-making processes with actionable insights and comparative data.

What the Mobius API can do for you

The Mobius API provides a comprehensive and immutable real-time view of relative performance and environmental risk across your lending portfolio, ensuring informed decision-making based on actual, not estimated data.

Real-time environmental performance tracking
Monitor the carbon intensity and energy efficiency of borrower companies as it happens.
Benchmarks and comparative analysis
Compare the environmental metrics of companies against industry standards and peers for a relative performance view.
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